tessellate modular shelving. The pattern, which is based on a tessellation principle, is the structure. Offers both open display & concealed storage, providing separate spaces varying in size for a variety of collectable objects. 12mm poplar plywood, spray finished in water-based white lacquer. Doors and base in sycamore, veneered and solid. The modules can be CNC cut.

The system consists of 8 square modules 580mm x 580mm - they can be rotated 180 degrees to change the configuration of the whole, & can also be added to. It can adapt to a change of room in width and length.

The shape was inspired by Aztec geometry, tetrus, and tessellation patterns found in nature. The idea came about by playing with how to break up the square. The doors contain an individual laser engraving derived from a photo of a tree blossom which contrasts with the right-angled order of the configuration.